This service serves us, as its name indicates, to be able to get a correct position on our bike.
It is recommended, above all, for occasional cyclists who are not comfortable on their bike or who want to know how to achieve a good basic position.
Observation and measurement in static are combined.


1. Before starting the analysis of the cyclist on the bike, an interview is carried out, via email, to register his personal data and find out about his characteristics, the sports equipment he uses, etc.

2. Assessment of the feet and fitting of the cleats (one pair of shoes included in the price).

3. Evaluation of the cyclist on the bicycle using the goniometer and the laser as the main tool.

4. Search for suitable body angles by modifying, if necessary, seat height, seat back and tilt, height and distance to the handlebar.

5. Explanation to the rider of the changes made and explanation of the changes required, including advice on changing components if appropriate.

6. We send the final document to the cyclist, where we record his final measurements after making the necessary modifications and remind him of the changes that have been recommended.


Basic position of 1 bike
Basic position of 2 bikes*
Basic position of 3 bikes*

*To be performed on the same cyclist and in the same session

Customers of the «Basic position on the bike» service will get a 20% discount on the «Biomechanics 3D» service.


Differences 3D Biomechanical Study and Basic Position


3D Biomechanics Basic Position
Preliminary Interview YES YES
Assessment of the athlete’s physical characteristics on a stretcher YES NO
Carrying out different diagnostic tests on the cyclist YES NO
Assessment of the feet and placement of the coves YES YES
Customization of cleats with shims and/or wedges YES NO
Rating of the cyclist on the bicycle Yes, video and Retül 3D YES, goniometer and laser
Recording and analysis in 3 dimensions YES NO
Finding the right body angles YES YES
Knee tracking analysis YES NO
Explanation of changes made and explanation of necessary changes YES YES
Submitting a summary document YES, includes bicycle measurements, recorded body angles, recommended changes YES, includes bike sizes and recommended gears
Control call or email YES NO
Posture review YES NO
Approximate time 2:30h. 1:00h.


Diferencias Estudio Biomecánico 3D y Posición Básica

Biomecánica 3D:
  • Entrevista previa
  • Valoración en camilla de las características físicas del deportista
  • Realización al ciclista de diferentes pruebas diagnósticas
  • Valoración de los pies y colocación de las calas
  • Customización de calas con alzas y/o cuñas
  • Valoración del ciclista sobre la bicicleta ( vídeo y Retül 3D)
  • Grabación y análisis en 3 dimensiones
  • Búsqueda de los ángulos corporales adecuados
  • Análisis del tracking de rodilla
  • Explicación de los cambios realizados y explicación de los cambios necesarios
  • Envío documento resumen (incluye medidas bicicleta, ángulos corporales registrados, cambios aconsejados)
  • Llamada o correo electrónico de control
  • Revisión de la postura
  • Tiempo aproximado: 2:30h.


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