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My name is Helena Martin, and I am responsible for HM Biking.

I consider myself a complete fan of cycling in all its forms.

Some years ago I was Madrid’s Cyclocross champion and Madrid’s XC and Dual Champion.

Currently I combine my work as a cycling coach and biomechanics with continuous training in sport and physical activity in general, cycling in particular. I consider that a good training is the best guarantee I can offer.

HM Biking is a company oriented to the integral preparation of the cyclist, through the services of training and biomechanical analysis.

I am happy to be able to help my high performance runners succeed but, from experience, I consider myself a specialist in sportsmen and women who want to make the most of the little free time they have every day, to be able to enjoy the weekend with their group of friends, or to prepare for that walk which is the goal of the season.

My main concern is that my athletes can enjoy cycling, either by adapting the training to their personal characteristics (and not the other way around), or by achieving an efficient, comfortable and non-injurious posture on the bike, which allows the cyclist to concentrate on riding, without worrying about other discomforts.

  • Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (Master’s Degree in Cycling) (Universidad Europea de Madrid)
  • Diploma in Physical Education Teaching (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
  • Director of Cycling Sport Level III (RFEC)
  • Course of Biomechanics of Cycling, RETÜL system (Cyling Metric)
  • Power Cycling Training Course (Custom4.us)
  • Biomechanics of Cycling Course (Custom4.us)
  • TrainingPeaks Power Certification (TrainingPeaks)
  • Symposium «Menstrual Cycle and Performance» (Exercise Physiology&Training. Exercise Physiology)
  • I Biomechanics of Cycling Symposium
  • Course «Cycling Technician» (RFEC)
  • Course «Technical Training in Cycling» (RFEC)
  • IV National Symposium on Endurance Sports Training (EMU)
  • Seminario «Nuevas tendencias en el entrenamiento ciclista» (RFEC)
  • Courses in other sports such as «Indoor Cycling Instructor» (FMC), «Introduction to Snowboarding» course, or diving baptism Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities.

HM Biking es una empresa orientada a la preparación integral del ciclista, mediante los servicios de entrenamiento y análisis biomecánico.


Me alegro de poder ayudar a alcanzar el éxito a mis corredores de alto rendimiento pero, por experiencia, me considero especialista en los deportistas que buscan optimizar el poco tiempo libre que tienen a diario, para poder disfrutar el fin de semana con su grupo de amigos, o para prepararse esa marcha que es el objetivo de la temporada.


Mi preocupación principal es que mis deportistas puedan disfrutar del ciclismo, ya sea adaptando el entrenamiento a sus características personales (y no al revés), o consiguiendo una postura sobre la bicicleta eficiente, cómoda y no lesiva, que permita al ciclista concentrarse en rodar, sin preocuparse de otras molestias.

  • Mountain bike (XC): Subchampion Madrid elite feminine (1ª sub23), 2ª classified general Open of Madrid elite feminine (1ª sub23)
  • Cyclocross: Champion of Madrid elite female, 1st place overall Madrid Cup elite female years 2007-08 and 2009-10, member Team Relay selection of Madrid.
  • Dual: Subchampion in Madrid
  • Descent
  • Indoor Cycle
  • Snowboard
  • Football 11, 7 and women’s room
  • Power work
  • Diving
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